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Shiv has more than 32 years of management experience in sales, marketing and operations and has set up and run organisations in India, Russia, Dubai and Indonesia.

Shiv in May 2008 chose to tread a path of his own making and that was the birth of Vishnave Technologies.

Shiv in his previous assignment served as Sales Director for Verizon Business.  In 2001 he set up the MCI WorldCom office in Bangalore followed by Chennai and Hyderabad. In 1997 he set up Orion (white goods brand) for USSR and garnered a market share of 11% in 2 years while heading Sales & Marketing for Thakral - USSR. He also set up the resident office as well as the distribution channels for Vinelec in Russia in 1993. Was the youngest Regional Manager in India  for any consumer durables company while working for Onida in 1992, set up the Regional Office for Central India. Held many all time records in sales with the HCL Group during his tenure there from 1986 - 1992. Shiv began his career in 1986 with the HCL group. The positions he has held  have been - Verizon India : Sales Director; Texmaco Jaya: Head - Eastern Europe; Thakral Corporation : Head Sales & Marketing- USSR;  Vinelec International : Resident Manager -  USSR;  Onida Savak :  Regional Manager;  HCL Group :  Area Sales Manager.

Shiv holds a Master's Degree in Business Administration and a  Master’s Degree in Sociology.